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Save on Laptops Joins the Shape the Future Campaign

13th June 2014

Shape the FutureSave on Laptops has joined the Shape the Future campaign, also known as the Technology Access Program, along with Microsoft to help give children the best education possible. Shape the Future is designed to provide 14-19 year olds in England and Wales with subsidised computers.

It is an innovative and exciting scheme introduced by Microsoft that helps schools to improve access to 1:1 mobile devices for learners through cost effective pricing. This programme is aimed at helping improve the 1:1 ratio of mobile devices for pupils.

All the devices in the Shape the Future scheme are designed for education and come fully loaded with your choice of Windows 8 Pro or Windows 7 Pro and a host of software titles from Microsoft including Office 2010 or 2013 Professional.

The scheme also provides extra value added funding for a school to access a host of development activities and programmes to maximise the opportunities from 1:1 learning.

What Microsoft says;

"Shape the Future is a global program from Microsoft that provides a comprehensive approach for governments exploring a transformation of their education system to prepare students for the 21st century. Shape the Future solutions achieve whole system change – from access (devices and connectivity) to capacity (educator professional development) to outcomes (skills for tomorrow’s workforce).”

Shape The Future Information


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