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MSI release stunning G Tobii Laptop which features the amazing Tobii Eye Tracking Technology!

1st April 2016

MSI have made a habit of releasing eye catching devices recently and they’ve done it with this stunning new gaming laptop that has the unique feature of letting you play games with just the use of your eyes, as it’s the first laptop to integrate Tobii's eye-tracking technology. With the Tobii’s eye tracking technology you can use Windows Hello to log into your computer using your face, or more importantly for gamers it can be used as a controller. How does it do this you can? Well, the Tobii gaming laptop has three infrared sensors that are situated below the laptop's display which track your eyes movements and translate them into inputs, meaning you can personally with your actions control characters in games.

Razer Announce Their First Ultrabook Gaming Laptop!

3rd March 2016

Last month Razer released some big news with the announcement of their first ultrabook gaming laptop the Razer Blade Stealth, and one of first things you'll notice is it’s incredibly thin. Compared to previous Razer laptops the Blade Stealth ultrabook is only half an inch thin and weighs 2.75 pounds, this alone will attract a lot of people and if you’re not when you hear about the specs you will be.

Windows 10 What Does It Mean For PC Gaming!

7th September 2015

With Windows 10 now being rolled out on various different devices and new features and updates being talked about, one thing that’s been overlooked is what Windows 10 means for gamers. Well don’t worry this blog should help by telling you all the necessary key features and how they’ll affect PC owners.

So What’s the Lowdown with Windows 10, How Good Is It?

30th July 2015

With Windows 10 out now let’s find out some of the key updates, but firstly let’s start with what is Windows 10 all about. Well it’s a complete update of the Windows 8.1 operating system which will see new features like interface changes to streamline the desktop experience and give it a neater finish.

The Guide to Gaming Laptops

17th June 2015

If you want the ultimate gaming experience, then there is no doubt that having a gaming Laptop full of the best performance based components is the way to go, why? Simple they give you so much more in terms of capabilities and set up, and as most gaming enthusiasts would say nothing can beat the quality of gameplay you get with a gaming laptop as there specifically tailored to give you the best experience.

See What’s Coming With The July 29th Release of Windows 10!

5th June 2015

With details on Windows 10 finally being released let’s find out the ins and outs of it and whether they’ve delivered. Well to start it’s a complete update of the Windows 8.1 operating system which will be out on July 29th and surprisingly to hear will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users. Some of the new features to Windows 10 include interface changes to streamline the desktop experience which consist of a new taskbar, a smarter Start menu which has a simple control to flip from a small menu to a full-screen one, and smaller borders around windows to give a neater finish.

Check out one of the best gaming laptops currently out the Origin EON15-X

29th April 2015

There’s so many great gaming laptops out on the market currently that are so incredibly cutting edge, but what makes this laptop stand out so much is simply it has a desktop grade CPU packed into its chassis. More so the EON15-X proves that due to the advancement in tech how much more performance can now be put into a 15.6inch gaming laptop with a desktop processor.

Intel show off what it calls the world’s first No-Wires Laptop!

17th April 2015

Do you fancy a wire-free laptop? Well you’re in luck because Intel have just made a prototype one, and it's an amazing technological advancement in computing. The laptop prototype has the capability to charge wirelessly and connect to peripherals without cables, with the idea behind it being it frees users from carrying a bulky power adapter, since the laptop recharges after being placed on a wireless charging table or surface. Alongside this the prototype is also able to connect wirelessly to external displays through something called Wi-DI which means wireless display technology, which could possibly eliminate HDMI and Display ports. Furthermore Intel are also looking to link laptops to peripherals like external storage devices through the emerging Wi-Gig technology, which is much faster than Wi-Fi with data transfer speeds of 7G bits per second which is incredibly fast.

Best Gaming Laptops Released in 2015 so far!

2nd April 2015

2015 has been a great year so far for gaming laptops with the introduction of so many top draw laptops giving you a fast lane to the PC gaming experience, but which ones have really stood out? Let’s find out!

PC / Laptop gaming market worth nearly double the consoles!

24th February 2015
PC / Laptop gaming market worth nearly double the consoles!

With the introduction of the next gen consoles like the Xbox One you would of thought they would have a massive adverse effect on the PC/laptop gaming market, however not only have they survived the next gen consoles so far they’ve thrived. The PC/Laptop gaming market as of today is worth over £ globally which is nearly over double the value of the console gaming market, I definitely think that stat would surprise a lot of people.

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